Dear participants of the AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race,


We would like to draw your attention to the training requirement specified in OSR for Category 3 regattas, such as AEGEAN 600.
OSR 6.01.3 specifies “When there are only two crew members, at least one shall have undertaken training within the five years before the start of the race in OSR 6.02 Training Topics”.


Furthermore, OSR 6.05.3 requires, for monohulls and multihulls boats participating in offshore races Category 3 and 4, “At least one member of the crew shall be familiar with First Aid procedures, hypothermia, drowning, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and relevant communications systems”.


The Organizing Committee of AEGEAN 600, in an effort to ensure as much as possible, the safety of the competitors and for their convenience, will organize a training seminar.


The training seminar will be split into two sections.
The theory section is posted below and addresses the following mentioned subjects:


1. Safety Briefing
2. Aegean Sea Safety and emergency radio communications (OSR 6.02.14)
3. Heavy Weather (6.02.9) and Storm Sails (OSR 6.02.10)
4. Damage Control (OSR 6.02.11)
5. Crew Overboard Identification and Recovery (OSR 6.02.5)
6. Giving Assistance to Other Craft (OSR 6.02.1)
7. Abandon Ship and Life Rafts (OSR 6.02.15)
8. Search and Rescue Organization (OSR 6.02.12)


The practical section will take place on Thursday, July 7, starting at 18:00 and going through to 21:00. It will cover the following subjects:
1. Personal Safety Gear (OSR 6.02.2), Care and maintenance of Safety Gear (OSR 6.02.3)
2. Life raft presentation (OSR 6.02.15)
3. Fire Precautions and Firefighting (OSR 6.02.4)
4. Pyrotechnics and Signalling Gear (OSR 6.02.13)
5. Search and Rescue Organization (Video presentation) (OSR 6.02.12)
6. First aid (OSR 6.05.3)
Crew Health (OSR 6.02.7)
Hypothermia, Cold Shock and Drowning (OSR 6.02.6)
CPR (OSR 6.05.3)
Relevant Communication Systems (OSR 6.05.3)


Participating boats, which do not comply with the above requirement, are kindly requested to send an email to the details of the crew members (maximum 2 from each boat) that will participate in the training seminar.