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Want to find out the best places to visit in Santorini, the most beautiful island in the world? You can do it with a private tour in Santorini. When we dream of our trip to Greece, many of us envision the traditional whitewashed houses located on the edge of a volcanic cliff. We also visualize the blue-domed roofs and beautiful bougainvillea overlooking the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. So, discover the best places to visit by booking private tours in Santorini. Explore the fantastic historical sites, museums, and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere.


We provide Santorini private tours differently, to enjoy your holidays. Let us give you a hint for several places to visit in Santorini. According to us, these places are a must-see before you leave the island.



Oia Village is the epitome of picture-perfect and one of the best places to visit in Santorini. In part a traditional settlement with a long history and unique architecture. An ultra-glamorous vacation destination hangs suspended above the Aegean, looking down on Ammoudi Harbor and out over Santorini.
Oia village is the most photographed place in Greece and best known for its breathtaking sunsets. Small white houses tier the hillside, interspersed by splashes of rich okra, deep fuchsia, cobalt blue, oyster pink, and earthy red. Booking our private tour “Aroma of Santorini” you will discover this beautiful spot of Santorini.



Pyrgos, once the island’s capital, was found at the highest point of Santorini. An outstanding panoramic view of the whole island to the village of OIA. With our private tour “Traditional Santorini” you can explore Pyrgos village and its alleys. We will make our way up to the fortified medieval districts, or kastelia, that crown many of their hilltops.
It will require a short ascent, but the sights such as the Theotokaki, a tiny 14th-century chapel, and a panoramic view of the nearby islands will reward you. In the village, you will find boutique cafes, elegant restaurants, and small art galleries. Relax with cold ouzo in the shade of the main square.
Experience the island off the beaten path and book our private tour: the hidden villages.



Emporio Village is the largest town in the south of the island with narrow alleys and picturesque houses. Furthermore, you will find a Venetian castle and defensive tower dated from the Middle Ages. Emporio used to be also the commercial hub of Santorini. Today, it is the largest village on the island, a maze of small houses, arches, and passageways. Following the signposts uphill, you will come to the kasteli. The tightly packed houses’ fronts form part of the fortification.



Megalochori is one of the best places to visit in Santorini and one of the most picturesque villages. Megalochori exists since the 17th century.
Home to historical mansions, old traditional houses, pirate hideaways, and wine canavas. It also has a history of merchants and wealthy land barons exporting Vinsanto wine that the island still produces. There is a beautiful traditional square with taverns, restaurants, and trees in the village center. It provides shade for a quick cup of coffee. Spiraling is a maze of winding cobbled streets and smooth edge pathways, just waiting to be discovered in all directions.

Why book a private tour from Golden Ibex?
Santorini Golden Ibex can organize a private tour that suits your needs and interests!


Let’s see what a private tour can provide you with:

• A private tour is organized, especially for you and your friends.
• We can customize all our private tours just the way you wish
• You will enjoy the freedom of a private tour.
• Your time is precious, and we make the most of it.
• Pick-up time and location of your choice.
• You have your guide’s full attention.
• The itinerary depends on your interests and your mood.
• You are treated like a friend, not a client.


Book a private tour in Santorini with us, and let’s have a day together mixed with everything: joy, laugh, stunning sights, fantastic wine tasting experience, and great company.