June 10, 2020

Inaugural edition of the AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race rescheduled to July 4th, 2021.

Dear Sailors, dear friends of AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race,

Thank you very much for your heartfelt desire to participate in the inaugural edition of the AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race which coincides with our own strong desire and efforts to organize the race this year. Our solid belief and great expectations for this new event is what kept us postponing the decision of whether or not to hold the race until the start of the summer season, when we would have a clearer view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Unfortunately, due to the continuous uncertainty regarding international travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines imposed by certain countries, there is a real risk that some competitors may not be able to join this year’s edition. Furthermore, the global uncertainty about the spread of the pandemic continues while the Greek (and many other) State and health authorities have imposed restrictions enforcing social distancing. This has forced us to cancel all the entertainment and cultural side events that we had planned to offer in order to ensure pleasant and unique moments for you, your families and significant others, along with the opportunity to discover more about the cultural heritage of Greece.

In order to ensure the safety of this event, the AEGEAN600 Organising Committee – in addition to following the World Sailing guidelines for the protection of the health of sailing communities and the contingency plans required- requested an official authorization by the General Secretariat of Sports as well as by the National Committee of Public Health. The authorization was granted but on the condition that the aforementioned competent authorities will have the right to withdraw their initial approval on the basis of the evolution of epidemiological data. Under such uncertainty and with a sense of duty to protect our AEGEAN 600 participants, we have decided to postpone the AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race for next year, starting on July 4th, 2021.

We hope that conditions will improve by then and that your desire to be part of a beautiful race in the historic Aegean Sea will still be strong, so that we can all enjoy a world class race, in the picturesque setting of the Aegean Sea islands offering truly unique sailing memories.

AEGEAN 600 Organizing Committee

May 11, 2020

Dear Sailors, dear friends of AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race,

Εveryone, worldwide, is feeling the impact of this coronavirus storm that has affected our safest harbors both professionally and in our everyday lives. For this reason, the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club, organizing authority of AEGEAN 600 in cooperation with the Greek State, Authorities and Event Supporters deem appropriate to postpone the start of AEGEAN 600 that was initially scheduled for June 14th.

Given the above, the Organizing Committee would like to confirm to you our intention to host the first edition of AEGEAN 600 Yacht Racejust exceptionally for this year, on September 6th , 2020, especially after the enthusiastic support we have received from most of the competitors already enrolled in the race. We believe that as life is slowly returning to normal, we need such a race to go back to activities we love and value most.

Greece, as of last week, is engaged in the first anxious efforts to leave behind the harsh restrictive measures of the lockdown imposed on March 23rd.  With our country being in a phase of gradual lifting of measures against COVID-19, one of the primary goals of the government will be to open up the borders especially restoring international travel. Nevertheless, this has not been confirmed yet considering the further discussions needed from the EU member states.

As the issue of air travel is vitally important for all competitors and the result of the lockdown lifting is not ensured or guaranteed and there is a significant danger of backpedaling as the equation is complex with many variables, we stay alert and we will conclude our definite decision to host AEGEAN 600 by June 10th.

In any case, the Organizing Authority and the AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race will be fully committed to the health protocols in force, drafted by the Government and the World Sailing body.

Once more, we would like to thank you for your keen replies and concern about the success of the inaugural AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race event and we hope that future conditions will be suitable to meet you all in the Olympic Marine in Lavrion at the end of August.

For your information, AEGEAN 600 2021 edition will be sailed from 4 to 10 July 2021.

AEGEAN 600 Organizing Committee  

April 4, 2020


The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe as well as the strict travel limitations and rules preventing large public gatherings, possibly imposed till May, makes it very difficult for all of us to predict that the start of AEGEAN 600 would be feasible on June 14th.

Therefore, the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club, organizing authority of AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race, is obliged to examine the postponement of the race for a later date within the summer season. The new probable dates will be between mid-late July / August 2020. Considering how the virus situation will evolve, a final decision will be made no later than May 10th.

The Organizing Committee continues the preparations in order the inaugural 600-mile sailing event to meet everyone’s expectations and give to all the participants, supporters and the sailing community a race to remember in one of the most beautiful sailing venues of the world. As we look forward to seeing you all at the starting line, we wish for everyone to stay strong, keeping his community and loved ones healthy and safe.


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