The Race

A sailing race that has the makings of a legend!

The sea of myths and legends. The sea of Homer, Seferis and Elytis

The sea of painters and philosophers. The sea of sailors

600 miles of sailing in this sea. An offshore race designed by sailors for sailors

A race where the wind god, Aeolus, will make his own game to control sailors’ seamanship

A race where the dolphins will accompany the boats to drive them faster to the finish

A race with enchanting sunrises and sunsets

A race where mythology rewards sport in a unique water track

All this and much more is the “Aegean 600”. A non-stop race!

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Passings through
iconic Greek islands


Days max
racing itinerary

Monohull Record

LEOPARD 3 (MON) / 2023


Multihull Record

ALLEGRA (SUI) / 2022



Aegean Sea

The crossroad of seamanship

START (Sounio) – Milos island to port – Gate at Santorini Caldera – Kassos, Karpathos and Rhodos islands to port – Kandelousa to starboard – Kos to port, Kalolimnos to starboard, Farmakonissi, Agathonissi and Patmos islands to port – Gate at Mykonos and Dilos strait – Kea island to port – FINISH (Sounio)

The length of the course is approximately 605 nautical miles non-stop

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